HeartNote, February 12, 2019: Effortless in Anticipation of Good

I have previously written about my friend Michael Austin, a spirit of thunder with a lightness of fallen leaves. I have had the honor and blessing of his friendship for years now.

When we get together, we share a kindred spirit. He shares with me from stories of his life that you'd have to hear to believe. And I get to listen.

Within each expression there's a conclusion, a moral of sorts, that comes springing out of his consciousness. Today's conversation was a lesson in allowing the Universe to do it's thing while you just take the little steps that help you meet the world's wonder face to face.

He spoke it with near spiritual perfection:

"You begin to live in an effortless anticipation of good because you learn to trust in the grace of love."

And to paraphrase the rest of our conversation, the trusting in love within everything we encounter facilitates the effortless anticipation of good. It is a circular process of faith. The more we trust that love is in every breath, the easier and more frequent our anticipation of good. And we will know it when it comes. It will be seen by our eyes, heard by our ears, and take up residence in the the vestibule of our soul.

It becomes our way of being. Ask those that have lived this life and taught this wonderful circle of love to others: Thich Nhat Hanh, The Dalai Lama, Fred Rogers, Greg Boyle, Pope Francis, Anne Frank, Pema Chodron are a few of the more modern references that we can learn from. They have seen the magic in life and expected to live all of the world's beauty.

Your life has been full of people just like them, you may not have realized it at the time. People that taught you to look for the good, and those that looked for the good in you. Teachers, grandparents, friends, spouses, co-workers and clergy have crossed your path and let you know about the good side of life. The reasons to be positive. The faith to expect goodness. And the trust that your vision will bring you an example of wonder that refuels your effortless and expectation of all the good in life, in each other, and in yourself.

Live in an effortless anticipation of good. Learn to trust in the grace of Love. What a life you will lead.


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