HeartNote, 9/19/2019: Love and Infinity

"We need to help people to discover the true meaning of love...Infinity just is, and that's the way I think love is, too," -Fred Rogers

I have loved people, as you have. Some left me, I've left them, too. I'll bet that, if you give it some thought, you can come up with dozens of people that this has happened with: people who you truly looked forward to seeing, whose energy complimented yours so well, whose friendship became a consistent presence.

And they're gone. For whatever reason, they aren't a part of your life anymore.

Sometimes it's an event, a change or a conflict, sometimes it's a distance that gradually dissipates over time. But in any case, the person has left your life, due to your decision or theirs.

But the love stays. It never leaves.

Love has an infinite presence. It doesn't disappear. The context for love may change, decline, or become diffuse and vague. But Love is never gone.

I can think of those I loved over forty years ago. And with a single grasp of a fading memory, the warmth of the love I had for them returns to the center of my spirit. I can see a picture of a loved one that used to make me so frustrated and upset and, with a deep breath and a few seconds, the love within our lives revisits my soul.

Grudges eventually fade. Resentments start to thin. It's just too much energy to maintain the anger of loss when it's so effortless to drop our guard, knowing that our love comes back to welcome another invitation to remember.

It's never gone. We push love away. We look the other direction. But to allow it to return, a picture, a sound, a place or a drifting thought brings it back, alive again, on the wings of forgiveness and time, waiting for another visit to our heart.

Fred Rogers was right. Love is infinite. When it blooms in our experience, it stays in our lives forever, just waiting to be remembered again.


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