HeartNote, April 12, 2019: The View from Your Shoulders

There's an old quote that was attributed to Bernard of Chartres in the 1100's. It referred to things he'd learned in life being based on the Greeks, that their "shoulders" were the foundation for his learning, feeling that he was "standing on the shoulders of giants."

We all have learned from those before us. Their examples taught us how to conduct our lives. What we've accumulated in the years on this earth have contributed to not only the person we've become, but the example we've set.

It is not the shoulders of another, whomever they may have been, that matters now. Rather, it is the shoulders that we offer as a place to stand.

Think of those that have used our shoulders to see, to understand their lives and to grow into their own path. What kind of view do we offer? And how do we explain it?

If there is clarity to be given from the view of our lives, others will learn from our achievements and our deficits. From the paths we traveled, and from those we walked past, the topography of our life's landscape may need explaining.

Be mindful of this. We cannot change the view of our life, the history that we've developed, but we can explain the decisions we've made and the reasons behind the directions we've travelled.

Understand those reasons. Be clear and honest through each chapter in your life, each road travelled. Define not only how you chose your paths, but on what view was presented to you as you stood on the shoulders of those who who preceded you along the way. Come away with the clarity within your example, however your path unfolded, to share with those behind you.

May your shoulders offer a view of life that gives hope, faith, and meaning to the future. May you find comfort in the road you traveled, and may the view from your shoulders be an example for the next generation to stand proudly upon.


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