HeartNote, April 16, 2019: Our Musical Identity

I was asked to list my ten most favorite albums. It was hard to me to settle on just ten, but it got me to thinking: I don't know the ten most favorite albums of any of my friends or my children.

I can go with my friend to a bar and know what he's going to play, but when I selected my ten albums, you wouldn't hear any of the songs played in a bar. And I thought that this might be the same for my friend.

I think music is intimate and personal. The songs that are truly important, the ones that you play when you're addressing your deepest thoughts and feelings, are those you play alone.

Your music-the uplifting, exciting, maudlin, sentimental, or sweet-underscore both your life's history and your most accessible memories. Research now indicates that music can penetrate the ravages of Alzheimer's with the familiar sounds of music of our youth.

So I'm curious why more of us don't know the music that defines the lives of our loved ones.

I can remember those songs that were introduced to me when I was a kid, songs that I heard on the radio or from my brother's record collection. But the songs that meant most to them, let alone their favorite albums, have eluded me.

And our musical tastes puts us on the same team. When somebody lights up when they hear a song you love, you're both standing in the depth of friendship. I don't know any component in life that can bring two people close with such speed as sharing of musical affection.

Find out ten songs or ten albums of your friends and family members, and find out why those mean something. You'll immediately become closer. Their songs will be a reminder of them, and the thoughts of them will now dance in a new composition, another layer of love for you to share together.


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