HeartNote, April 23, 2019: Complete Bulls**t

I just wrote an essay which was utter nonsense. Grade A, USDA Choice, Federally Certified, Bulls**t.

And the worst thing is, I almost actually sent this sucker out. Minutes away from posting it.

Here's the paragraph that just made me choke on my vomit, AND I WROTE THIS PARAGRAPH:

"Just breathe through the tough times, refocus during the good. Recommit to your decision to become the person you want to be, every moment today. It will happen, I know it will. The person within you will become alive again, resurrected and ready to step into the new light that has always lived within you."

All you need is an Enya soundtrack to go along with this tripe to really make your head turn to oatmeal. Good lord...

Somebody, ANYBODY, tell me what the hell that means. And, if you can figure it out, tell me how you "breathe through the tough times." Really? Breathe how? What constitutes a "tough time?" And should a breathe once, or just keep breathing because, you know, it's kind of a habit that I've developed and I don't know how to quit!!!!!

This is what I've come to LOATHE about sites like these. They're full of happy crap without ANY FREAKING DIRECTION. You see things like "Just Believe" and "Have Faith." Really? Can you even BEGIN to tell me how to do that?

And that's what make this site different. I can absolutely tell you-and already have, probably a couple of times-on how to believe and have faith. But it's irresponsible to just throw it out there without a couple of pages out of Life's Manual for Making Sure You Don't Sound Like A Moron, which ai did in Paragraph Four.

Sorry about that. I'm really sorry. Tomorrow's essay will be way better. Might have pictures. And notes in the margin. With colors.

But no more bulls**t. Promise.


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