HeartNote, April 25, 2019: You First

This is a great story from a guy named Bob Earll. He was a talented writer and speaker, learning his craft in Alcoholic's Anonymous meetings across the country. He lived in Los Angeles.

He was a jogger. And one day several years ago, he had caught up with a friend of his for an easy three mile run. About a half mile into it, Bob started to complain about pain in his arches, that when he landed he hurt a little bit.

His friend said, "No problem. I had the same thing happen to me a year or so ago, that little tweaky thing when you land. But I got a great doctor. He treats the runners at the Santa Monica Track Club. When I get back to my car, I'll give you his number."

Bob got the number, thanked his friend, and went home.

Six months later, he crossed paths with his friend again, and they went for another job.

Bob, again, complained about his arches. His friend said, "Wait, didn't I give you the number for the podiatrist in Santa Monica?" Bob said he had, he just forgot to call.

The friend stopped. "I just don't get you" Bob turned to his friend in disbelief, and said, "What are you talking about?"

His friend said, "This bothers me and I'll tell you why. If I had said, "Hey, Bob, my feet hurt and I hear there's a podiatrist in Santa Monica and I was wondering if you could take me there for my appointment," you'd ask when, where, and if I wanted to get lunch on the way back."

"But for you, you live with this pain for six months while in possession of the podiatrist's number? It's just very curious to me why you'd treat yourself so badly, so "second class."

Bob later said that this was one of the best lessons he'd ever had. From that point forward, he didn't wait when he needed his body, car, or his clothes fixed. He didn't take away from the time he made for others, but he always took better care of himself as the need arose.

Take a page out of Bob's book. Don't wait for six months before things get unbearably painful or broken before you rectify the problem. In times of repair and regeneration, place your own needs first.


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