HeartNote, April 9, 2019: How to Converse

Conversation is an effortless, but deep and intimate, exchange. The dynamics of a conversation is based on the time we spend and the comfort we find in the spirit of friendship exchanged through our emotional presence.

Conversation, therefore, takes time.

In conversation, people stay. The conversation provides an escape from the rigors and pace of the everything else. It is a state that two people ease into, being players in this interpretive dance of sentences spoken with sentiment. It is the "art" in the "art of conversation." There is no urgency, no limit to the time or the discussion. A conversation is a respite, a renewal of love.

The opposite-having a "talk,"-tends to be based on two people talking about themselves, then possibly talking about somebody else. Not sharing ideas or feelings with the other person, but assembling data about what you did, touching on how you're feeling, and what you're going to do next. Then the other person does the same. Takes about thirty minutes. If you're phone interrupts you, it takes a little longer.

Intimacy within a conversation is not the exchange of the daily components of life; it is the mutual offering and accepting of our spiritual and emotional condition.

It is not solely an exchange of data, defined by what you're doing or what has transpired, or what comes next. This is all appropriate about the foundation of your life, but it is not the point of conversation. An introduction, maybe, but the sustaining energy comes from your loves, your pain, your hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Depth defines a conversation between two friends. Trust allows depth to be shared. Friendship is based on that trust.

Conversation is becoming more needed and a little more urgent to take place in our lives. Our independent, isolated lives can often keep us from trusting enough to share what we feel, not just who we are, with one another.

Take time to converse with one another weekly. Conversation gives us proof that love exists, that dialogue is life, and that caring and listening to one another is required for being alive again.

Get the Art started again. Take all the time you need.


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