HeartNote, August 12, 2019: Stopping, stopping, stopping..

Today's essay is about stopping emotions. Probably couldn't tell that from the title, huh?

Here's why this is important and worth repeating: I've been writing since late May about breathing, clearing your mind, managing our energy, and anything else that can bring you peace.

However, you have to be able to slow the thoughts down a bit, put on the brakes, and stay out of the crazy lane of rapid fire emotions.

Here's the top four reasons why you need to stop and reroute your thoughts immediately, and I will be going through defining the thought processes associated with this list further on in the week:

1) Needing to be right.

2) Judgement toward strangers

3) Any anger at anyone, anytime, for any reason, including political

4) Injustice

These are human emotions. Discharging them onto other people have been a particular challenge for me personally. When I have panelled my interpersonal jury of peers, they have concluded that these four are especially challenging to manage for them as well, and submit that these are universal in their need to be quieted.

Understanding the nature of the issue is fine, but it doesn't stop your thoughts cold unless you have an off switch. Meditation and mindfulness slow the process, and those who have truly mastered their responses have no issue with these issues.

Most of us aren't there yet. Still trying, but sometimes we just react instead of respond.

These four issues are particularly onerous. I'll offer some off-switch strategies to each one beginning tomorrow.

P.S. This yellow VW bus has nothing to do with the essay. I just really like the old VW bus.


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