HeartNote, August 16, 2019: The Last Stop

To stop the anger, think the qualities of the person or people you've admired, then practice, practice, practice expressing and exhibiting these qualities in every single human exchange.

Here's how you make it easy for yourself: Be like the person that when you think of them, you smile.

Your best teacher in school. Your best coach. A friend's Mom or Dad. An uncle or aunt.

Or maybe even a friend, a sibling, or your own mother or father.

Determine why, when you were a child, these adults stood out to you. And here's a hint:

For most children under the age of twelve, there are three qualities in adults that become indelible in the heart of a child.

The first is Kindness. The second is Acceptance. And the third is Forgiveness.

Your favorite adult is the one that made you feel most loved. Accepted you for who you were. Forgave you for your mistakes.

Now it's your turn.

Be invested in being that person that is kind, accepting, and forgiving. Just let go of all of it. Smile through all conditions in this life, please. Share only your goodness. Make your legacy the one that puts a smile on the face of a child, when they think of you in their adult years.

It's really the difference in this life that has ever mattered. I wish I knew this when I was younger.

I'm glad I know it now.

Now you know it, too.


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