HeartNote, August 19, 2019: Where The Focus Goes, The Energy Flows, Part 1

Optimism and Pessimism: Expecting a Positive or Negative Future.

Yeah, that's about it, and I got that from a scholarly article that was sited hundreds of times.

In other words, it's not that mysterious. Pretty clear cut. An optimist expects things to go well and a pessimist or a "realist" doesn't.

I am pretty sure that we've gone through this before. We spent a whole week on James Doty. I'm trying to be comprehensive about this because it's just so simple. Focus on the positive, your energy moves where you focus. Focus on the negative, same thing. We learned this when we learned how to walk, sound out letters, ride a bike, anything that required a cause and effect experience that if I continue on this process, I expect this will bring greater results.

This process has been ingrained in us, and has been reinforced with successes throughout our life.

But when we hit the wall, fall down, and crash that bike we automatically want to deal with the pain. We just don't want to keep going. We don't think it's worth it.

It hits us more deeply when it comes to developing our perspective on life, and our belief in ourselves. Staying focused on an optimistic path, is a lot tougher to navigate when it comes to dealing with the pain in our hearts. When our hope is damaged, our sense of self constricted, we often have a much harder time getting back on the emotional bike again.

Our expectations are influenced by the pain we've experienced, and falling off a bike is nothing close to getting your heart broken.

People are not naturally pessimistic. As a child we explore as part of our nature. It is up to us to return to that natural emotional state where exploration was reflexive and optimism was the only emotional state we grasped.

I will offer examples of how to steer your thoughts toward optimism through simple points of awareness and decisions.

You can absolutely do this.


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