HeartNote, August 26, 2019: Christmas Card Protocol.

The season is ninety days away. Want to know what happened ninety days ago? Memorial Day. Feels like that was a half an hour ago, doesn't it?

Well, in another thirty minutes, Christmas will be at our elbows. It's time to prepare your expressions of love for the season, also referred to as Christmas Cards.

What I am about to ask takes time, care, and sentiment. It requires emotional connection, attention and a deep investment from your heart.

This year, I would gently ask that you begin writing your Christmas cards now. Like, this weekend.

There is a form and fashion that instills meaning into your message within every card you send, a proper and loving way that will give people reason to keep the card indefinitely. It will give the card as much or more meaning that a present could offer. People will tend to forget the presents they received, but they will always remember the words of love you share.

Provided, of course, you send the right Christmas Card. And in order to do that, you have to take your time, focus from your heart, and follow the directions I will be offering this week.

This will require selectivity, honesty, openness, and time. Which is why I'm taking a few days to lay out the directions.

Christmas invites a free and meaningful expression of love to one another. Christmas allows us a little more light, more love, and more gratitude. We set aside our conflicts. We become more accepting. Our love fills the room.

Yet on that day the opportunity to choose the words that can best express our love for one another that, often in the brevity and whirl of the moment, are lost. The clear and deep expression of love pass through the hours, and when Christmas is done and the opportunity past, we wish we could have said the things we felt in the moment of joy among those we love.

Speaking from your heart takes practice and preparation. The Christmas Card gives you the best chance of truly giving the greatest present you could ever offer: A message from your heart.

See you tomorrow.

Ho, Ho, Ho!


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