HeartNote, August 27, 2019: Christmas Card Protocol: Don't do this

Christmas letters en masse.

If you are going to write something personal and meaningful to those you love, please don't send a list of events that have occurred throughout the year, highlighting the accomplishments and achievements of your children, yourself, and your spouse.

These have no meaning. None. You could substitute somebody else's name for yours and nobody would notice. These letters hit the trash faster than torn Christmas wrapping.

This is the age of instant communication. A text message has more significance than a comprehensive statement about your yearly wonderfulness. It has more meaning, more immediacy, and it is responding in a conversation-like medium that actually has questions and answers about a prevailing condition. It might even include little things like, "how are you?" and "I'm fine, thank you." Those seven words over a cellphone are more personal than any annual accounting of behaviors mailed in December.

Christmas is personal. Intimate. Loving and Giving are the foundations of the season. Form letters that you write, copy, and send to fifty of your closest friends is a significant departure from anything meaningful about the season.

I'm not trying to be unkind, but this process should not be expedited. Which is why I'm asking you to refind your expressions of love at Christmas a few days before Labor Day.

Please take this time, now, to begin this process. The next essay included choosing your recipients (should be no more than twenty) and what you should put in the letter. Tomorrow I'm going to Chicago, but I'll be writing on the plane. If I get this done over the expensive and sketchy WI-Fi they give you on planes, you'll get tomorrow's a little earlier than usual.

If you need me, book a session at acoachforyourheart.com. I'll be here, promise.


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