HeartNote, August 28, 2019: Christmas Card Sending Criteria

This is the criteria of selection for your Christmas Card recipients.

Limit this to twenty people. If you have the depth of sentiment for more twenty people, you're circle of intimacy and love is wider than most. But I would suggest that you keep this effort to no more than twenty for restrictions of time and love within your friendships. What I'm asking of you, which you'll find out in the next couple of days, requires you to feel. Then write about it. Not an easy task, as I'll explain in the next two essays.

If you have children, no matter how distant, they must be included. No exceptions. If estrangement is an issue, you may abbreviate your sentiment, but it still requires feeling. Your Christmas letter to your children is, to sa the least, impactful. Say the things you would want them to know, things about them you're proud of, you're happy with, and why they have made such a difference in your life. These are your children. They deserve the deepest place in your heart.

Exclude people that you've sent stuff like this to before. If your husband or wife has received these in the past, layered with feeling and expression, it would depend on whether they tear up every time they receive such a letter. If they do, send another. If not, it's your call. Same with your friends. I have friends that have experienced my sentiments and they're fine with just one in their lifetime. In fact, a guy that I have coffee with every other week is as good a friend as I've had, and he said the following just today: "Did you know I blocked you on Facebook? Yeah, I don't need those butterflies and unicorn crap. But I only block you thirty days at a time."

Lastly, see if you can choose the people that it would mean something to. People that have crossed your path this year that have truly left an impression on your spirit. These people don't have to be present in your life, they need to merely have crossed your path. I've just met people this year that will receive a letter.

Process the selection. Pick your top twenty. Then get ready for the construction of this missive. See you tomorrow.


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