HeartNote, August 5, 2019: The Shootings

"The new frontier is the mental health issues. It's not just about stigmatizing. Once we can stand in awe at what folks have to carry, then we're going to leave judgement behind. And then compassion is going to rush in."

"The largest mental institution in the world is Los Angeles County jail. What does that tell us? We're in denial. We'd rather think that people are bad rather than unwell. And that will change someday. But that has to change. Because we love striking the high moral distance between us and them. "We are not like that guy" that opened up fire."

"But he belongs to us. And that's a tough stance to take. But nobody doubts for a second that it's the only stance that God takes."

"Infuse hope for whom hope is foreign. Heal the damaged and the traumatized...then you're really doing something. But we're all kind of into symptom relief. We all want to calm the cough. We all want to calm the cough of the lung cancer patient rather than deal with the lung cancer."

"And it's too bad, because it's short sighted. And then we're scratching our heads as to why we don't make progress."

"I think the only thing that quenches God's thirst is our connection to each other, is our union, is our kinship."

-Father Greg Boyle

"No more thoughts. Lots of Prayers. Now begin to accept, forgive and embrace each other where we stand, arm in arm, together in this time, no matter who we are."

"And don't let go."



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