HeartNote, August 8, 2019: Note/Thanks

One of the most common and most effective ways to sidetrack the stream of thoughts that run amok within our cranial walls is what many meditation teachers state as "noting." In short, they recommend that you just "note" that the feeling is there, e.g. "This is Anxiety" and go back to concentrating on your breathing.

This hasn't worked for me whatsoever, but I want to make sure that I mentioned it and explain why it didn't work.

It is hard for me to say the word, "Anxiety" or "Depression" or even 'Distraction" without following it down the emotional rabbit hole. So far-and this is apt to change and when it does, I will let you know immediately-when I note the feeling, it seems to place it front and center in my brain.

So, instead, I thank the feeling for being there.

This is beginning to work. I keep the racing mind at ease when I acknowledge and appreciate its efforts. I let both depressive and anxious thoughts know that I appreciate their presence in helping me either defend myself or figure things out.

To thank my thoughts, I start with a big breath in, big breath out. I sit. I do my alternate nostril breathing (remember Adrien Yoga for Anxiety) and I thank the feelings for being there. If they're still there, I thank them again.

Thanking them minimizes the fear.

People have told me I've been "in my head" since I was a teenager. I can still be there at any given moment. Fear keeps me there. This technique helps me focus on what's around me, and be thankful for all that I have including the racing thoughts, anxiety, and depression.

Thank the thoughts. And let them pass. Takes practice. But we've been at this for a little over two months now and I feel that my practice is really taking hold. I hope yours has, too.

This little technique really helps.

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