HeartNote, December 12, 2019: Christmas, The Verb

"Let's Christmas this."

I've never heard this before. I'm hoping it's my invention. So, taking for granted that I just invented something cool, I'm going to explain to you how this invention works.

Christmas is a feeling, sure. I've already written about the "Spirit" of Christmas a couple of times and it's only the 12th.

But it's the behavior of the season that carries the spirit forth, and that makes all the difference.

When you "Christmas" something, ponder a little about what comes up first for you. Whatever actions you're thinking of, these are the behaviors that are going to make your Christmas happy. You're making the effort to bring joy to another. Pretty straightforward.

"Let's Christmas" somebody's mood? Put on some carols. Good ones. Roll the list from Bing to Mariah to Charlie Brown to the Reindeer running over Grandma. Put them on loud enough so people can hear it from their windows. Three blocks away.

"Let's Christmas" a little kid in the hospital? Bring your bad self to the costume store, select the Santa costume Extra Large (padding. Not because you could lose a few), get to the hospital and hit the floor that says, "Pediatrics."

Going to say, "Let's Christmas this" to a Nursing Home? Get your happy face on. Wear "Free Hugs for your Christmas Present" shirt and hug the snot out of everybody that crosses your path, whether on foot, in a wheelchair, or in bed.

Saying "Let's Christmas This" to the holiday meal? Pies. Turkey. Dressing. All that accoutrements. But first, give everybody their own can of whipped cream, and serve the pie first.

And when you commit to shouting, "Let's Christmas This" the your behavior, your feelings, and your encounters with others, you've committed to your best, happiest most joyous self. You've put forth the most effusive, joyous, happiest spirit, the one connected to pure Love.

Pure Love. The reason for the season. Yeah, that guy.

I think he must have said, "Let's Christmas This" when he forgave, healed, and taught us all so many lessons of life. The same lessons we experience every Christmas.

"Let's Christmas" this Christmas.

Every chance you get.


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