HeartNote, December 2, 2019: The Upcoming Days of Christmas Stuff, Etc.

"Christmas is Ruined."

When I was little my mother, who was a really sweet soul, would sometimes get frustrated at all the cacophony and activity around Christmas. It was all a little overwhelming for her. And at least a couple of times around Christmas one of our nine kids swears that they heard her say the aforementioned.

So let's go over a few more Holiday Statements Of Despair that you, too, might hear on a bright snowy night this season while anticipating the arrival of Good Ol' Saint Nick:

"You Ruined Christmas for Everybody," "Why does Christmas have to come this year?" "You're getting coal in your stocking," "Man, do I hate the Holidays" and another one of my mother's favorites, "I wish the Earth would open up and swallow me."

In keeping with the happiness and hopes we assign to this season, let's give some attention to our emotional grist to the Christmas mill, shall we?

It is far better for the Better Angels of our Christmas Nature to address that frustration with ease, peace, and all that other good Christmas stuff. "Ho, Ho, Ho" can be placed upon your lips with ever exhale, lucky you, if you give some attention this months essays.

I will make sure that we get through the month without much hassle. These three weeks will have some gentle directions for a better run through so that, when the big day comes, there everything will be a little brighter in your relationships and your attitudes about the Big 12-25.

There is a couple of foundational steps that need to be taken first, attitudes that will effect the overall operations of the day. And it's not really about a list of accomplishments that have to be taken care of my midnight on Christmas Eve, although I'd be shortsighted if that wasn't at least implied within the upcoming essays.

We'll make this time easy. This is an easy, easy foundation to create. Just a little pause here, a little breathing here, and life is going to be a slide under the mistletoe all month long.

I'll be with you tomorrow to give you start the weekly list. Have faith. This is going to be fun.


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