HeartNote, December 26, 2019: Big Breath

This is the toughest week of the year. Christmas has left the building. There will be no encore. We've gone from Santa, Reindeer, beautiful music, lights, friends, cards and presents to leftovers, lousy bowl games, and resigning ourselves to watching basketball.

I want to say that this can be a great opportunity for growth, but frankly I'd be lying. This is a week to just ponder. Reflect a little. Sit, eat, and figure out what you'll be binge watching this weekend.

And while pondering, cut yourself some slack. You did your best. Your company was enjoyed, probably. Move along. Christmas is over. Try not to bring it back by reliving the bad parts. If you ruined Christmas for everybody, most people eventually just block that out. It'll probably be forgotten by March or so. June, maybe. You'll be fine.

New Year's Day is next Wednesday, a day when nobody wants to begin anything other than figure out how to stay warm without doubling your utility bill or finishing the last of the holiday booze. Whomever decided that New Year's Day should take place in January instead of June or July should be punched. Nobody wants to do anything in January. Minimum effort helps conserve heat. This should be our objective.

Instead, we're asked to take a flying leap into the next month, shaking off the memories of last year and bringing all good, new things into the realm of possibility.

There's actually some merit in this, really there is. Just not today. Or tomorrow.

Hang out a little with the days ahead. Breathe in what's left of Christmas. Smile through the good memories. And try a little basketball. It's not that boring. Sometimes it can be mildly interesting. It's not football, it's absolutely not the National Pastime, but it's OK.

Wait. I forgot. There's hockey. Instead, try hockey for a couple of days. Faster, crazier, and somewhat cathartic. They actually try to knock each other's block off. For this weekend, find some vicarious thrill in getting past the Post Christmas blah with a hockey game. Helps warm the blood.

Tomorrow, maybe, we'll take a swing at the whole "resolution" thing. In the meantime, hang out with yourself this weekend. If I can think of something to write tomorrow, great. If not, I'll put something up from the archives.


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