HeartNote, December 27, 2019: The Calendar

Here's what I want you to do this weekend. Take your out your phone or computer and go to your Calendar function.

Now go backwards, and start at January, 2019. See what you have posted throughout the year.

It's all work stuff. Maybe an doctor's appointment. And a big line across five days with the word "vacation" on it, provided you took a vacation.

But here's what wasn't there: the time you spent enjoying your friends, binge watching TV, reading a great book, or giving some time to a loved one in need. Points of laughter, friendship and fun may have dotted the calendar twice, three times max.

And this is exactly my point. Therefore, here's what I want you to get ready to do this year:

Keep two calendars. One on your phone or computer, and another one, a really big one, that has some space to write some words in the dates. Keep that next to your bed. They have them online and at Staples. They're good sized.

On the first calendar you take with you to work. Obviously, it's for the stuff you have to do. Things on the job, school, medical appointments, stuff like that.

THEN, on a BIGGER calendar, write in the events, happenings, and moments that you absolutely loved. Things that made you happy. Little things like a smile from a friend, big things like watching your team win a twelve inning baseball game and not having to go to work the next day.

This is the only offering I'll ask that's even remotely close to a "resolution." It's really not something that needs resolve. It's more of a dance through the days. Watch what happens when you get to this point next year. After you fill that sucker out and look backwards, you'll have the best memories of any year to date.

Add your victories, your sadnesses, your fun, and your ailments. Round out the big calendar not with appointments, but with the moments of life that you forget, the ones you wish you could remember, renew, and retrieve. Keep your work on the first, and the rest of your life on the second.

Order your calendars. It will help you be present for each and every day, being more aware of the effort and enjoyment throughout the year.


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