HeartNote, December 4, 2019: Color

Color denotes the arrival of and serves as the background to the Holidays.

I'm sure that there's a consensus about the whole Red and Green color palette for the month of December. And I'm not here to disagree. I see the colors of the season in every section of the decor, in each square of the immediate atmosphere. You can't look outside without being deluged in Green, Red, Green, Red, Red, Green, Red, Red, Red and Green.

But that's just the baseline. The color I'm talking about lives in the outlines, the threads, the edges of brilliance that gives those two big, strong, loud hues some space. And some balance. Here's a short but important list of the colors that bring texture to the holiday:

Yellow: The Angel of Christmas is blanketed in this glow. Its wings, its halo, its gown and its harp scintillate it's lightness. Yellow is the "Hey! It's Christmas!" color of all the colors. Yellow shines, twinkles, bounces and illuminates. It gives the season it's brightness. It's the happiest color there is. It gives Christmas its smile.

White. OK, sure, it's a "non-color" but I wouldn't tell that to a kid who plays outside in the cold, watches "Frosty the Snowman" or can tell you the color of Santa's beard. And I'd keep that whole "non color" thing to yourself when your grandfather starts tearing up at Bing Crosby's rendition of "White Christmas," just like the one he used to know. White makes Christmas recognizable.

Light Green. Look at your Christmas Tree and Wreath closely. There are about fifty shades of green in those needles, and they become pronounced in the daylight. You won't find anything close to the lacquered forest green dripping off your tablecloth. It's lighter, cleaner, and happier when it connects with your eyes.

Brown. The color most taken for granted. Brown is just kind of there. Overlooked, unnoticed. If I asked you where the color brown rests in your house, you'd have to take a minute to let me know.

So allow me point it out for you: The doors. The table. The baseboard. The cabinets. The arms of the couch and chairs. The soil in the pot of the Poinsettia. The trunk and branches of the tree. Brown serves as a connecting color for the foundation of the season, even part of our life. It's the earth on which the color of this holiday stands.

Look for those colors that remind you of the holiday. I didn't cover a few of them-Orange, although beautiful, made its mark six weeks ago-and blue is a little closer to Easter. But these I've listed round out the spectrum of our vision. Keep them in your view. Notice their presence. They bring their own joy to the weeks ahead.


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