HeartNote, December 5, 2019: December Wind

There is a sound that is distinctive to the season, the music of the air. It allows the more commonplace sounds of wrapping, laughter and carols to be present with a recognizable and distinctive tone.

It's the wind.

There is an atmosphere to the wind of December. It's a palpable change. We notice it behind us, over us, underneath us. January winds slice.The winds of October and November swoop. But December winds come in layers, settling itself on our doorsteps, surrounding us with its depth.

December wind is the backdrop. It's the timbre within the score of the Christmas symphony. Background, underneath, surrounding our experience with the depth and sensitivity that wraps itself around the season.

We listen to the season through the coming of the wind. It's the prelude to the orchestration of sound in all our experiences. It's the hum, the notes that support the instrumental music of love that, without the beautiful ease of its light and lower case harmony, the other sounds of the season would be missed. It brings forth the music of the instruments within each note of the Christmas scale:

The plug sneaking into the wall as the lights brighten. The tinkle of the ornaments as they brush past the needles on the tree. The thud the base of the tree makes when it is hauled into the stand, and the squeak of the screws tightening it into place.

The scrape of the good china as it scratches against the top shelf in the cabinet, and the quiet in your hands that carry it carefully to it's perennial resting place on the kitchen counter. The clink of the delicate glassware that makes itself known this season, to be heard again at this time next year.

The catlike tiptoe past sleeping children. The inhale of excitement when those gathered unwrap their presents. The opening of the door to bring more loved ones into your home.

The density of the air when all those gather together in one room.

The wind brings these sounds forward. December wind layers itself against your heart, helping you listen with love. It's a thicker, tangible, graceful presence that holds this season together, lifting it up within your spirit.

Be mindful of the December winds. Welcome them and hold their company close.


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