HeartNote, February 1, 2019: Emotional Proofreading

As many of you have already found out, I could use a decent proofreader.

I gloss over a hundred different dimples on the page, misspellings and contextual errors that make one cringe a little.

I really care. I do, I mean, I want to be understood. I go over what I read, I edit sentences that crash headlong into one another, I clean up words that make no sense, and I try to be a little lighter on the keys. I don't want to get too wordy. I want to be succinct. I hope to make sense.

But, as you can frequently see, I get a little sketchy once in a while. So, once in a while, I could use another set of eyes to make sense of what I'm trying to say.

We all need one of these people. Somebody to check us out, to look over our shoulder and say, "Ummm, yeah, I know what you meant there, but you might want to say this instead." A person that knows you well enough to hear what you're saying, but understand the meaning over the words.

I've had people in my life like this. They don't ever start a sentence with the words, "What I think you're saying is..." They already know. They listen through the blather and the verbosity. They can catch your expression and the waves of inflection between your syllables, and understand the gist of your effort.

These are the "emotional proofreaders" in our lives. Those that just know who we are. People that care enough about us to hear with their hearts, and understand us well enough to interpret our meaning through the din of our anger, frustration, and bluster.

They know what we mean. They "get" us. And they are the best friends we could ever have.

I've been lucky to have one or two of those people over the course my life. My kids, dear people that they are, serve that purpose now. I hope that I've been that for them and for others.

People want, more than anything else, to be understood. Listen with your heart. Proofread a person's meaning before your make any judgements. It is as loving as any gesture in the human condition.


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