HeartNote, February 10, 2020: Friendship, Defined

This week I'm going go take a stab at the qualities that constitute sustaining

Friendship. I have a story or two that might illustrate some conditions prevalent in our expressions of this slightly elusive concept.

To offer an overview and some clarity to the week, I called my dear friend. He has been my model for intelligence, kindness, patience, acceptance and humanity. He is a brilliant intellect and scholar. I have been humbly receiving his love and friendship for thirty years.

When I asked him about what defines or supports the concept and application of Friendship, I received this:

"I love you because of the goodness I have seen in your heart,

For the greatness of mind that your words disclose whenever we meet.

Deeper still, I love you for the loftiness of Soul

That is revealed in all you do and say."

"I love you

For the nobility of character that has shone forth

in your every association with me.

The kindly interest - the warm solicitude of your gracious self

have meant to me a sweet fulfillment of trust well-placed.

My frailties you benignly waive aside with a wealth of tolerant understanding."

"I love you

For reaching into the heaped up turbulence in my heart

and gently restoring tranquility there."

"I love you

Because the charm of your influence has brought me refinement

in my emotions and reason.

I am inestimably enriched in knowing you."

"I love you

Not only for what you are, but ever more so

For the way you draw out the depth of me.

You bring to light and discussion the inner realm of my sublimest self.

Because of this response, a spiritual ecstasy permeates my being

with a harmony that is transcending.

The luminosity  of your consciousness strikes deeply into mine

and brings forth the profound, the lovable, the Divine

That others somehow do not reach deep enough to find."

"I love you

For this inner co-mingling of souls; it makes Blessed our companionship.

You have given me not only of the work of your hands

When you sensed you could add to my happiness so,

But greater than all this is the Inspiration that your understanding heart has been to me.

Toward rightness and well-being in body, mind and soul."

"For this I love you. This is the tie that binds - the Love that endures.

This is Friendship."

(Virginia Stillman)


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