HeartNote, February 14, 2019: Uno Mas Uno

In the spirit of love on Valentine's Day, I want you to introduce you to Ramon Corona. In 2015, I met him while he was a server at a restaurant when I noticed on his right hand was a red bracelet.

On this bracelet were the words, “Uno mas Uno.” In Spanish, it literally means, “One plus One”. But, according to Ramon, it means more than that.

"I feel it is my responsibility to share with those who have less than I do. I live by the saying, “Uno mas Uno.”  What I get, I give. And what I get back, I give again.”

Ramon said this with such a matter-of-fact attitude, almost a casual explanation of how his entire life is based on giving, helping those in need, and forwarding the blessings in his life to another.

Ramon said, “I go down to Tijuana twice a week. My wife and I both work, so we have to schedule it accordingly. It is my responsibility. They have next to nothing.” I asked him how this process unfolded.

"A couple of years ago right before New Year’s, I began to see people in my apartment complex getting rid of their old bicycles and televisions. Perfectly good, just not as new as the ones that they had gotten for Christmas. So now, after Christmas every year, I ask if I can take the old bicycles and televisions down to families in Tijuana. Everyone has been so gracious. As they discard things that they no longer need, but are still in good use, I now fill up my truck with appliances, clothes, all kinds of things.”

Ramon went on to say that, although the Tijuana trips are very meaningful, “I still am aware of how “Uno mas Uno” begins, and that’s with me. It is how I interact with people, and how I’m able to brighten their day in every way I can: The way I pour their coffee, the way I ask if they need anything else, and the way that I thank them before they leave are all an effort at passing my blessings on to another person. I believe it starts there. Between two people, offering each other peace and kinship. This begins a path of blessings in that person’s life that they hopefully will begin in their blessing another.”

Today, begin to live in the spirit of “Uno Mas Uno,” one plus one. Start with offering love and peace to the next person you see, then the next and the next, and see how much goodness you can spread.

The next time I see him, I will send love and peace to Ramon Corona. And I know he’s going to pass it on. 

May all of you do the same. “Uno mas Uno.”


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