HeartNote, February 24, 2020: Your Word, Promises And Your Focus

I missed Friday's post. Writer's block has been rough lately. I tried to pawn this off as an excuse to the Wonderful Margaret Sutton, Cousin and Spiritual Force To Be Reckoned With (CSPFTBRW for short) and she sent me the following:

"Be impeccable with your word. If you SAY you'll write a HeartNote every day for 5 days, then that is what you hold yourself to (even if you have to go back into your "vault" to recreate one). If you let one promise to yourself start to slip, then it just becomes easier to let the next one slide, then the next one, and on and on down the slippery slope. Remember, these are promises to yourself, not anyone else, which are going toward your intention of becoming a better man."

What is better than a dear friend kindly but swiftly and directly kicking you in your backside for falling short on your promises to keep your word?

Here's the five most common reasons why we fall backwards, lose our focus and subsequently break our word: Focus, Fatigue, Pace, Promises, and Pain.

Lately, my focus has been on Lack: I don't have enough, won't have enough, will surely die from the wolves gnawing at my flesh whilst I wither away in the freezing, winters of San Diego. Fear centered, losing my balance, feeling very little control. Wondering if this happens, then that happens, then what will the next thing bring......stuff that all of us struggle with from time to time.

It should sound very familiar. Shift your focus. Five things that you're grateful for. Now. I'll wait. It redirects your focus on what you believe grows from your blessings. Now, what is possible in your life? What gives you Faith? Whom do you see as an inspiration in your life?

Bring them to your mind. Right Now. Like, Immediately. This is where your focus is. "Where your Focus Goes, Your Energy Flows." Write that one down, again, please.To begin an exercise, sit down and watch your breath. Just for a few seconds. Focus is an exercise of both breathing and thought, the first complimenting the second. Think of the thing you want to accomplish. In my case, it was finding a topic, writing and finishing today's blog. If I breathe into the moment, relaxing through whatever anxiety, stress, and preoccupation of thought that pulls my attention, the thoughts become centered on the thing I've committed to completing. Yes, this sounds simple. And at the end of this essay, I'll give you a breathing instruction that does the trick. The focus, therefore, has a much better chance at carrying me through the process, following through with a decent blog.And here's the breathing exercise that I've mentioned here before. It's the 4-7-8. Through the nose, inhale four seconds, hold for seven, exhale for eight. Do this 6 times, slooowwly. This will assist measurably in helping you regain focus and improve your mood.

Tomorrow, Fatigue. Yeah, you can beat this, too. Without caffeine.


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