HeartNote, February 28, 2020: Renewal and Flux

After listening to what Stan and Annie have been saying the last couple of days, a general conclusion has come my way:

As a whole, we are in flux. Life changes hourly. This isn't bad, honestly. In fact, there's a goodness to this that needs to be addressed.

We reassess and recalibrate our purpose daily; within that process, we redefine what measures our will, defines our strength, and underscores our character in every passing hour, within every presenting challenge.

With a gentle approach, read that sentence again. For many, it hurts a little. It's dense with its severity, yet speaks to a routine truth: Every day, life requires us to adapt. We redefine, we repair, we adjust, and we reassess our identity and our capacities. As a result, we often find life a little unsteady.

But that unsteadiness, with a half cup of doubt thrown in, can help develop and ultimately determine our will. We see what we have in our skill set. We are unsure, a little wary, and do the best we can to move forward.

Every day. It's just what we do.

In flux. In change. All in an alteration of allostatic motion.

Yet it's how we respond to that motion, that daily movement, that determines our progress and our feelings of success.

When we take one step toward the life we want, one step, we are miles away from the life we've lived.

One step, and the continued vision of the world in front of you, pulling you to the next step, and the next, and the next. Progress in this format is exponential. One step plus one step, calibrated spiritually and emotionally, feels like a thousand.

We look no longer at the person of yesterday. We begin to find the path underneath our feet. We lean in to the next step today, and with each step we leave the shell of our past behind.

Therefore, to keep walking into the mist ahead, leaving the darkness behind, know this phrase: Spirit Carries, Love Directs.

Your faith is to be grounded in letting your Higher Power carry your heart. Know, as best you can, that the Higher Power you choose-that Thing I Trust That Is Not Me-has the Benevolent Energy of The Universe to Carry Your Will when you feel to weak to move, to beaten down to believe. That Power is Within You. It rests, awakens, and lifts your spirit to a new day. Straighten your back, lift your head, focus your eyes, and feel it being unlocked within the viscera within.

Your Love keeps your steps alive. You may not be able to find it, may not even feel it's there. Just consider-you don't even have to believe-that Love has a tablespoon of presence in your heart. Just that tiny bit. Love is Happiness, Breath, Gratitude, Heartbeats, Focus, and above all, Laughter. The first smile you place on your face lets you know that Love Lives Within. You-all the parts, the dents, the nicks, the cuts, the foibles-are that Love that carries you forward.

If you believe this, you will have no trouble being whatever and whomever you want.

Re-read this, OK? You've got it all. Let Go. Take a Step.

Life Begins Anew Today.


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