HeartNote, February 3, 2019: Pinhole Perception

We don't see what we think we see.

Our vision is limited by our history, education, work, relationships, and our DNA.

We are one fish in a pretty large pond, trying to make sense of the ocean of possibilities. We don't know what goes on in the mind of another. We can barely make sense of the traffic between our ears.

Why a person decides get married, go to school, leave town, try drugs, overeat, learn to drive, dye their hair, get a job, hold resentments, or to end their life involves a myriad of decisions that no person can precisely assess. Ballpark conclusions are the best we have and arriving at the vicinity of somebody's decision is not exactly emotional precision.

We can't begin to know the full story of a person's decision unless they tell us, and even then the human condition is only as accurate as the story. Stories leave stuff out, change, and parts of frequently forgotten.

We have this little pinhole into the consciousness and condition of another person. Their state of affairs is a conundrum to us and may elude us completely. Clear emotional data is confounded when you drop the word "emotional" between "clear" and "data."

We think we see the whole picture. We have only that perception that allows us to see a tiny dot of another person's reality.

Remember this when making judgements about somebody else's decisions. We just don't know the whole story. What we know isn't even close.


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