HeartNote, February 3, 2020: How it Just Works Out

This week begins the "Essays from the Vault" week. I'm working with my friend Don Cook, an ingenious web designer, on restructuring this website. It will relaunch soon. In the meantime, I'm going to run some essays I've put together over the years. Hope you don't mind reading them again. Here's the first:

My friend Michael is a great cure for the blues. A magical storyteller, Michael is one of those people that you’re just thrilled to have his company for an hour over coffee. Experienced in every level of life, from farming to corporate management, Michael believes it is his responsibility to walk the happiest path to all of his emotional destinations. His perspective on life is the one that opens us to the highest good, the road that leads to the best expression of love. I have yet to see him without a smile on his face, with the rare exception when he’s on the treadmill. And even then, as soon as he sees you, his demeanor welcomes you in.

A few weeks ago, I caught his eye as I was leaving the gym. We hadn’t seen one another in about a month so we stopped and caught up. He said that later that day, he and one of his twin sons was going to Los Angeles to see Bruce Springsteen. He was really excited to go and knew the show was going to be great, but there was only one problem: Neither of them had a ticket.

“You know,” he said, “sometimes you just know that things are going to fall into place.” He said he was going to adopt an attitude of belief and faith that he and his son would get a ticket to see Springsteen that night. So, adopting that attitude of knowing that all things will fall into order, Michael and his son went to Los Angeles.

Oh, and I should mention just one other thing about this trip: the show was sold out.

Michael reached the concert and saw a man with green suede shoes standing on the sidewalk outside the gate. Michael, being such a gregarious soul, told the man how much he liked the shoes to which the man responded, “Thanks, I’m keeping a count of how many people comment on the shoes today.” Michael struck up a conversation with the man and he discovered that the man with the green suede shoes had one extra ticket. “I’m sorry,” said Michael, “but I need two.”

The conversation ensued when an outgoing, engaging woman put her arms around the man with the green suede shoes and said, “You guys seem to be having a great time,” and proceeded to tell Michael, after some more conversation, that she also had an extra ticket. “Sorry,” Michael said again, “I need two.”

The woman stopped talking for a moment and began to think. After some more discussion, she asked the man in the green suede shoes to give her both of his tickets, the one he was going to use and the one he offered to Michael. She gave him her one ticket, and asked him to sit with her and her friends. This gave woman two tickets, previously belonging to the man in the green suede shoes, to give to Michael.

As Michael told me this my jaw dropped. But he reassured me, as he did when we were standing together in the gym, that this process would “just work out.” He moved into the path of possibilities and let the energy carry him to his destination of faith and love.

I believe in Michael and I have come to trust his wisdom. And I have learned, over time, to believe in “just knowing,” with faith and love, that everything will work out if you believe that it will. If we move forward in faith, nothing can stop us. Yes, we have to take the necessary steps, no matter how small. But the faith generates the energy of success. Combine your action with sincere and unwavering faith, and as my friend Michael has said, things will absolutely, and without fail, “just work out.”


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