HeartNote, January 10, 2020: "Life's Great"

Updated: Jan 13

A transcription, loosely, from the great Father Greg Boyle of Homeboy Industries.

"So, Father Mark and I have all these little catchphrases. And when we're telling the other about...some intractable problem, something that you can't get your arms around, we look at each other in and in unison say these two words: Life's great."

And no matter how messy things are, it's not a matter of what happens to you, it's how you see them. And how you do welcome stuff that is very unwelcome, how do you wrap your arms around stuff that's uncomfortable or pisses you off?

"So last Sunday I was in New York City... and I was going to 10:15 mass and a carload of guys drive by and roll down the windows and in unison they say, "Santa!" So the two words I thought were "Mother Fletcher." But really the two words ought to be, of course, "Life's Great."

"You know, here's the truth, we're all going to be dead a lot longer than we are alive, you might as well just enjoy the ride of every single day and every single thing. You just dive in and you embrace it and roll up your sleeves, because life's great."

"(A woman) brought in all these (pieces) to make a gingerbread house for Christmas. Icing that acts as cement...gummies for the roof... And in comes (little) Francisco, and he's just beaming. And he puts this paper plate in the middle of my desk and on it is the gingerbread house that he made, and he looks at me and he's just beaming and he says, "I made this for you."

And (me and three other homies and Francisco) stood just staring at it and almost on cue, the walls collapse and the entire roof caves in. And we stare at it for a beat, and one of the homies said, "Damn. Section 8 Housing." We collapsed in laughter, but we also collapsed in each others arms, we were just howling and nobody laughed harder than Francisco."

"Nobody here needs proof that life is great. No matter what happens, it's not about what happens, it's only about how you see it, what kind of lenses are you wearing. Because this is what we've got, and we have each other, so let's decide to collapse into each other's arms today because...Life's Great."


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