HeartNote, January 15, 2019: Easing Love's Risk

Yesterday I tweeted the following:

"For most of us, love is an expensive and unaffordable accessory to life, a risk of heart and mind that has never paid on its investment. In that spirit, look everyone straight in the eyes and communicate one second of love. It's more than most have received. Trust me on this."

For those of us who have fallen in love, had interpersonal relationships, and even gotten married, rolling the dice on love had a payoff. But for the rest of us, this isn't the case.

Half of the adult population in the United States is single. And this is at a time when no state in the nation will allow you to live in a two bedroom dwelling on a minimum wage. Economically, it makes sense to get married for the shared income and the tax breaks that go with it.

But rejection can suffocate our hearts. It keeps us sheltered inside the shadows of life, shuttered by a loneliness bound by a history of being ignored, cast aside, even ridiculed. Extending ourselves to another in the context of that experience feels hopeless. We settle for the insulation of books, television, and social media to elevate our day. Work provides some interpersonal contact, but the limits inherent within that environment can be restrictive to relationships let alone friendships.

Those of us who have experienced love have an obligation to spread it as often as we can. A smile, a kind word, a polite gesture, and any offering of encouragement can change a life in an instant. When this happens, you help open the eyes of another to the possibility of love. There is no greater gift your presence can offer.

What you do, in even the smallest measure, can change a life. Open your heart in any form you're able. Love will grow from your seed of kindness.


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