HeartNote, January 15, 2020: Heart Lists


It's great to read this stuff and become motivated to keep your word, engage consistently, lead with your heart, get all stirred up and oozy to become a better person while you listen to the spirit of the wind as you dive into your passion and step into the process of finding the real you and all the rest of that god awful repetitive blather you've read on every freakin' social media platform known to man.

I shouldn't say that it's awful. That's a little strong. I just think that it gives us ideas without the follow through to put them into motion. This kind of prose has some merit, but it falls miles short if we fail to keep an account of what we need to do: Breathe. Exhale Gratitude. Write you blessings down before you go to sleep. Yoga every other day. Develop alternative behaviors and responses for your anger.

These are reminders on a heart "to do" list. That one is mine. That is the "Heart's Foundation" list.

But the one we need to polish a little is the "Heart Action" list. "Heart Action" lists are a little different. "Action lists" are written for the engagement with another person's heart.

For example, when somebody tells me something that I need to remember, I write it down and put it in my pocket. I carry a little notebook with me. When a different somebody tells me something that they do to get a little closer to their Higher Power, or give me counsel to get a little closer to mine, I write it down. If I forget the notebook, I dictate the information into my "notebook" app on my phone.

But it gets even more pedestrian than that: When I tell somebody I'm going to call them, or have lunch with them, or speak to them "in a few days" I make a note and transcribe the time on my calendar. My friend Amelia and I spoke today. A brilliant and gifted spiritual teacher, we decided we'd revisit our conversation on Monday.

So I put, "Call Amelia" in my calendar. I have notes of our previous conversation. I'll be referring to that on Monday.

This is the kind of stuff that gives foundation to the beautiful statement, "Follow Your Bliss." Many of you keep account of your life like this already. Simply put, lists lightly have you take account of what the "how" and "when" in order for the "what" to take place.

I am frustratingly disorganized. You know the "only hold a piece of paper once" organization trick? Not agonna happen in my life anytime soon. But I can write on a list, stick it in my calendar, follow through with my daily reminders, and focus on the goal of being good today.

Make a brief list of stuff to carry your heart through the day, and keep the action on the list at your fingertips. You'll feel better about yourself sooner and get the spiritual stuff done daily.

That's how we become a heart centered person and stay that way. This is how folks like us get this done and keep it coming.


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