HeartNote, January 17, 2020: Spiritual Organization

This week I've written about how to get back to people, honor your commitments and the like. We need to tweak our behavioral habits into modifications of reliability and forethought.

Which means, we need to take care of our spiritual side of the street right away.

I ask that you have some reference that you refer to every day, preferably in the morning but it can wait until bedtime if you like.

This is the one I use. I read it every day. It is a daily, 365 day a year reference and it is absolutely the best I've ever read.


I would urge all of you to click on this and order up a copy. It's only the 17th of January. This goes through the rest of the year.

What we read has a great deal to do with how we feel. And how we prepare ourselves int he morning and evening sets the tone for our mindfulness and attention to the details of the day.

Getting yourself in spiritual and heart centered fitness is needed for the attention, organization and follow through I mentioned earlier in the week.

Next week is to get you to care, and know what the feeling of caring is all about. This has to be the primary feeling in order for anything to take place. Friendships, relationships, and other people just have to matter. Your part in the equation is to be attentive, mindful and present with whom you communicate.

Balance, calm, and centeredness. Spiritual and heart centered fundamentals. It's time we address that in order to carry this presence to the next level.

We'll practice next week on these. For now, the aforementioned book is an excellent start.


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