HeartNote, January 20, 2020: Care, Selflessness, Attention, and Ego

Today's essay is brought to you by the letter "I," which generally stands for me, mine, me, me, and me.

You can't care about another person if you are invested in you. Caring is a selfless act.

Selfless doesn't mean surrendering all your possessions and living in a Yurt. It just means not thinking or pondering anything that has to do with you. Selflessness is one second of attention on the condition and well being of another human being.

Attention is the sustained act of selflessness. It means you're focusing on somebody else for a change. Ask a parent with a kid. Ask an old kid with an aging parent. Ask a nurse, teacher, social worker, or a anybody with a heart that is in use in the healing or assistance of another (hint: at one time or another in your life, that would be you.)

Ego is...well, trouble. It's the stop sign to the forward progress of emotional energy. Easing Goodness Out is the acronym that I've presented here before, but in this context your ego put the kibosh on care. "This is boring," "This is their fault" and "I need to cut this short" are just three reminders that your ego can be a real selfish pain in the ass. It reintroduces ourselves to the sponsor of today's essay, the letter "I," the source of all of our heartless and inconsiderate decisions that disconnect ourselves from another person. No matter their condition, our ego establishes a distance from our ability to understand, learn, and respond to another human being.

Your path this week is to redefine what caring means, and how your individual adjustments in attention will begin to change your perspective and, consequently, the decisions you make to support another.

Care is not only easy, it needs to be reinserted into our daily routine: brush your teeth, find your keys, care about another. These mechanisms will be introduced to you so gestures of caring can be as effortless as breathing.

Think about how you offer caring to another. Put that in your thoughts tonight. I'll see you tomorrow.


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