HeartNote, January 21, 2019: “Life may not be all that good right now, however…”

...if you believe “Life is Good”, as the bumper sticker says, then it's all good. It is completely how we look at it.

This doesn’t mean we’re immune to pain. We want to address change and discomfort as soon as possible. We make plans to get a better job, better clothes, live in a nicer place all the time. We address the adjustments of life as entropy sets in. This is how we roll as human beings. We are discerning organisms.

But there's a wonderful quote that I adhere to as often as I think about it: "The answer to all my problems today is Acceptance."

And to get that started, the lynchpin for working up our Acceptance to any and every situation is gratitude.

It’s easy to dismiss that.

It’s HARD to be grateful when you’re broke, unsure and afraid. Some days, it feels impossible and pointless. You want to focus on the problem and fix it.

Like, now.

But take a deep breath. Believe, if only for that one deep breath, that everything is going to be OK. And as you breathe out, say “Thank You.” Acceptance is exhaling gratitude. Now you are at the starting line to begin working on the issue at hand. Gratitude helps move you out of pain and into the solution.

The ego manages both the “good” and “bad” but gratitude only lives on the good side of the street. Whether everything's okay or not, it's okay.. I’m grateful for the pain. I'm grateful for the thunderstorms. I'm grateful for the flat tires, the bad back, the headaches, the bounced checks. I'm happy for it all. And I’ll get to the repairs with a smile on my face.

Honestly, it really is “all good.”

Take another deep breath.

This is life. Be in it. And stay grateful.


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