HeartNote, January 23, 2020: Distinct Care with Attention

In step three of explaining the components of Care, Attention is following the path where your mind goes when you are thinking about wait a minute was that a squirrel in the heating ducts my back is kind of you know I think I'm going to get a dog when I move but I have to read that book that guy told me about and why am I so hungry right now anyway I'm still wondering about that thing what is it when you can't remember oh wait I have to breathe back to the breathing man I smell like onions.

This made no sense. Correct. But it offers an example that separates two forms of attention.

You randomly offer your attention to what comes into your head. You deliberately offer your attention to the caring in your heart. Caring attentiveness is a purposeful, focused act that engages interest and empathy. Stay too much in your head, you lose the attention of your heart.

Your focus identifies the issue, your heart engages the caring, and your attention sustains your interest, connection, compassion, and purpose.

Your attention will look for solutions or points of interventions in response to the issues that draw the care from your heart. Your care will strengthen your attention.

This cyclical format keeps your heart engaged, limits overthinking, and lets you know in your most visceral, sensitive place where your action is most needed.

Attention in a state of caring guided by the alignment with the needs of another. When you've responded to the needs of a child, somebody in pain, a crisis of some measure you've lead with your heart whether you knew it or not. That feeling within you that helped walk you into action, and the attention sustained the care are your instincts teling you about the depth of your caring and its application.

I hope I haven't been too redundant, but attention and care are hand in glove. And once you begin to care, your attention will guide you into the right action. I can keep going with the explanations, but what I've stated here will keep your heart in the right place.

Attention activates care. Care sustains attention.


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