HeartNote, January 24, 2020: "Caring Activates Attention"

My friend is a spiritual heavyweight. Here's what he had to say about yesterday's essay:

"Isn’t it, "Caring activates attention”?   If I don’t first care about you or love you, wouldn’t my giving you attention be less likely? 

Or maybe just saying what I think you want to hear so you’ll think I care? Deep, caring love is not self-serving or strategic; it simply pours forth asking nothing.  Love has no will to power or gain.  But out of the fountain of love that comes to us, we will always find a compassionate and truthful response and have all we need. Maybe not all that we might want.

This piece sounds to me as if it’s coming from your head and your own interests more than from the heart, which is after all your emblem:“A Coach for Your Heart.”  

Your title doesn’t ring very much with such a secondary heart emphasis.  Love alone motivates our mind, deeds and our whole being to want to offer what we can to “make it better” for all and to find helpful solutions for others and for ourselves.

Forgive my bluntness!  I just felt I had to respond to this piece. I know you’d want honest caring response."

He's brilliant, and one of the kindest people I know. Read the essays from today and yesterday.

Then let me know what you think.


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