HeartNote, January 27, 2020: The Light

When some of you see those two words-"The Light"-and have any measure of cynicism within your bones, you may look at them with some disdain. There are hundreds of these words or phrases, repeated ad nauseum, that attempt to describe a point of emotional clarity.

And most are beaten into the ground. So many of the words we choose in illustrating points of emotional and spiritual importance sound like they come out of the pages of the "Book of Overused Words That Have Nearly No Significance To Anybody Anymore."

But depending on our experience, some of still recognize that common words like "Love," "Hope" "Patience" and "Happiness" still resonate. They hold their power and depth with the same presence when we were young.

This is how the word "Light" fits in. I want to take some time this week to broaden its application, and attempt to give it a little more of a pedestrian, usable form without dumbing down its importance and its magnitude.

Namaste helps in bringing the word "Light" to its appropriate level of importance. Namaste is a beautiful word that means, "The light within me honors (values) the light within you." It means we "bow" to one another's inner spirit of goodness.

I have seen this spirit in the essence of consideration and compassion toward another. And it is that light within us that allows our consideration and compassion to be seen.

Throughout the week, I will be offering conditions that engage this light, and how our conscious use of the light within the gesture and spirit of Namaste will change our perspective and our engaged presence. It will help enable and activate this light in all conditions, and apply it to every encounter.

See you tomorrow.


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