HeartNote, January 28, 2020: The Light of Forgiveness

I subscribe to the blog from the author Pam Grout. It said this:

"All forgiveness means is letting go of where you are now. Letting go of what you’re just sure is true."

Also this: "Forgiveness simply means recognizing that today is a completely new day and that anything--absolutely anything--is possible. Forgiveness breaks the pattern of false perceptions. It allows us to experience reality unblinded by yesterday, unblinded by past beliefs."

Let's cover that first one. "Letting go" is a release, a detachment of association to the incident or condition that provoked your anger. It's the surrender, and it reads like this: "There is nothing I know of that I can do right now to affect change or modification in this circumstance or situation, and I'm becoming weary from holding on to this anger."

This is the prelude to the second premise which states, "forgiveness breaks the pattern of false perceptions...unblinded by yesterday (and) past beliefs."

This is where the light comes in. Forgiveness raises the shades. No longer do you stand in the darkness of "past beliefs" about the value or meaning or significant proportion of your upset. You release the angers that held your resentment together, and the potential for discovering the mutual of energy of love begins again.

You start over. You've arrived at the goal of forgiveness. You just get tired of walking around in the darkness of your anger, of your need to be right, of your resentments. It's just too much to carry.

The light of forgiveness brings up the sun between you both. You forgive, offer an apology or two, and the path is brightened. You release the "yeah, but they..." and the "but what about," along with the "you know, if they'd only."

You. Just. Let. It. Goooooooooooo (yes, you can make the sound of that guy that announces Soccer games. "Anger. Passes to Forgiveness. They Meet! They HUG. THEY LET IT GOOOOOOOO....!!!!")

Let the light come into your relationships through forgiveness. Best shade raiser I know.


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