HeartNote, January 29, 2020: The Light Within, Kindergarten Version

Kids are able to access their inner light better than we do. So I'm putting a few things out there that five year olds do without hesitation. These are just a few examples that radiate spiritual illumination to the umpteenth degree.

Do these and you'll shine just like them.

1) Share. No reason, no assessment of somebody's state in life. Light thrives in sharing.

2) When you fall down-no mattter how you "fall"- cry a little. Tears draw light to your heart.

3) Laugh because you're alive. Laugh because you can. Light is in the soul of laughter.

4) Spin around. Frequently. Light travels from centrifugal movement.

5) Dance. Just because. Doesn't matter why. Just dance. Light lives in every unfettered step.

6) Listen to music. Use "The Healing Energies of Music" as your guide. Light on every page.

7) Draw. Use a crayon. It is Heaven's instrument of Art. Crayons are made with starlight.

8) This describes a child: "In the quiet and the confidence shall be your strength." Be that.

9) When angry, sulk/pout/cross your arms/stick out your lower lip. Draws in the light that way.

10) Hug cats and dogs by the neck. Squeeze them. They have unfettered light of love.

Lastly, open your eyes. Look around, everywhere. When you're five, everything is light.

And if you practice, everything you notice will feel differently to you.

That's how you know the light is getting in, and your light is lifting your heart.

Everything is light when you're five.

Say hello to that five year old every day, even for a few minutes. Then look to the sky for that light.

That's how we'll begin to find one another again


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