HeartNote, January 3, 2019: Nothing

This year, know how much of Nothing you have. I'll explain:

-Sat down next to a person that has not a clue what he wants to do with her life. She's 42. Has already had one heart attack. Lost three jobs, a husband, and half of her right lung.

-Woman came into my office to let me know that she has had her five year old son removed from her custody despite that she has been compliant with all the court orders for the last eight months. She has to schedule a visit with him to say "goodbye" as she's not legally able to see him anymore. His adoptive parents will no longer allow her to visit.

-Looking directly at a woman with eyes that are deadened from the stress of her job, telling me that she can't go home yet because her bills for her books at college are "about fourteen hours" of way away from being paid enough to buy them. She said she's slept an average of four hours a night for the last three weeks to pay for next semester's bills.

-Sat directly in a room with a man that can only be allowed to sit in his wheelchair for two hours a day. He spent the time in the doctor's office. He was delayed. They took him out on a stretcher back to his home by medical transportation.

This is not to bring you down. This, by no means, is to make you feel guilty.

Just get a little perspective, OK?

I was pissed all day today. Well, hurt, really. Going through a separation, thinking of all the people that don't like me-which doesn't take much thought just a lot of time to tick each person off the list- and I didn't get a text back from my youngest daughter for three days. She doesn't like me because of my sarcasm toward her husband. So I'm not collecting friends this week.

Then I look at the aforementioned list. And I stopped. I'm writing this on the ground floor of a mall while drinking coffee on a Friday afternoon. I can afford to buy coffee. I have earplugs in. My car works. And I bought my daughter a nice thing for her birthday. I'll mail it, but she's going to like it a lot. And that is the very, very short list.

We have a better life than we think. If you need more reminders of this, put yourself in the places of anybody on the list above. Please make this a constant exercise. To remind me, I now wear my "Exhale Gratitude" bracelet 24/7 on my left wrist. It helps straighten me out.

Problems? Nah.

You've got Nothing.

Me, too.


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