HeartNote, January 30, 2020: Places of Light

In the reach of our daily existence, there are literally dozens of points, of places, that we can recognize the light within our environment. The presence of peace, happiness, ease, fulfillment, cooperation, laughter, and acceptance carry light at its brightest.

This is not cliche. It is not to be taken causally. It is up to us to observe the places where light exists in our lives. Here are ten places and points that demonstrate light at its best, most obvious, and most accessible.

1) Morning tea or coffee with yourself or someone you care for. To awaken to a new day, each day, carries light within its potential.

2) Libraries and schools. Light walks through the halls of the pages of insight in every subject we're taught, in every new idea we read. Critical thinking and humble access to the minds and their discoveries light life's path of possibility.

3) Baseball. The perennial and pastoral standard of balance, cooperation, and metaphor for life through sport has light within every seam on the ball. Jim Murray, the late sports columnist for the Los Angeles Times and Sports Illustrated said, "I've never been unhappy in a ballpark." That's because he saw its light, the players that produced its glare, and the spectators who let it shine on their hearts.

4) Water. The light of life. Where there is water, light dances in a way only seen on the surface of its ripples and waves. It is eighty percent of us. Its visceral light travels through us with daily gentle grace.

5) Children. They don't posses darkness; they learn it. Watch them before life dims their light. Their life is proof that humans are inherently good.

6) Dogs. If their human is able to allow a dog to see their own light, the dog magnifies it tenfold. They have more accessible, active light than we do. It's our job to let them feel safe enough to show it freely on their brief roll through life.

7) Friends. It is said, "When two or more are gathered in my name, I am there with them." If your interpretation of God is Love or Light, even just a little, "gather" often with another. Light within friendship is synergistically increased through this premise.

8) Music. Each note is a resonant source of light. Find yours.

9)Nature. That's an easy one. I just left it for now because leading with the obvious would've lost your attention.

10) Silence, indoors but especially outdoors. It is only there that we can commune with the true basics and foundation of the source of light, allowing our minds to rest in silence just long enough for the light to come into our hearts.

Find this light today, OK? Just watch for it. You'll see it. You'll feel it first, probably. Look for it in the little, ordinary things: pennies, reflections, color, and the most human reflection of light, a smile. Those daily little sparks of light. Such a reliable source of proof and comfort that light surrounds us, everyday, waiting to be noticed, waiting to be shared.


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