HeartNote, January 31, 2019: Night time Self Talk Inner Work Routine

My cousin Margie Sutton is truly my twin flame. I love her to pieces. She is further along the spiritual path than I from her readings, experiences, and her practice. And she's just one hell of a nice person.

We just got off the phone, and I wanted to make sure that I sent this to you as soon as possible. Tomorrow's essay is a little more complex, but tonight's is easy and it makes perfect sense.

Whatever you do just before you go to bed, make sure that it's easy and peaceful. What you put into your head before you go to bed will follow you through the night. You want the nights sleep to be an easy ride, and here's some help.

If you watch TV before you go to sleep, look for something calm or funny. Something that gives you an "awww" feeling like an old Disney movie works, too (unless it's "Bambi," then turn it off before Bambi's Mom takes the bullet. In fact, if you're reading this before you're going to bed, forget what I just wrote about Bambi's Mom. I was just making that up. Bambi's Mom is doing fine, other than a little arthritis, and lives with Bambi in North Hollywood.)

If you're reading, read something that's easy. Light. Save Stephen King for the weekend. Go a little easier on crime novels. Try an autobiography. Or a book you've always loved. A page or three can place easy thoughts in your head. I have three collections of "Calvin and Hobbes" cartoon books next to my bed. I laugh myself to sleep with those.

Lastly, try prayer. People have said their prayers before bed forever. Make a gratitude list and say is softly, slowly. Thank your particular Higher Power for the sun and the rain, for the angels and the jerks. Prayer is centering, calming and will help you sleep.

We compromise our sleep. We take more pills for sleep than we do for pain. These rituals help. Put the goodness in your mind before you go to bed. Take an inventory of gratitude just as you go to sleep. Read good things, watch funny things, and move into slumber with a more peaceful, happy resolve.

Tomorrow I'll give you one more out of the Margie Sutton Spiritual Consciousness.

(That me and Margie. She's the best.)


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