HeartNote, January 31, 2020: The Light Within

This can be a little difficult to explain. And, for that matter, more challenging to locate.

The light inside of you is innate. We're born with it. We all have it. Trump, Obama, Charles Manson, Martin Luther King, Ivan the Terrible, Pope Francis, all of us.

Bringing it forward is a little more challenging, as you can see in the aforementioned list. Some brought it, some didn't.

But knowing that this light within you exists is pretty much all you need to find it. Discovering it begins with recognizing that it lives within you. The best metaphor I can offer to explain this more clearly is the presence of electricity. It's everywhere, we can't see it, but once we access its energy we can use it in a thousand different ways.

The light inside of us is a little like that. If we find ways to access the light within, we can use it in a daily application.

Therefore, we can see our light within through these pilot lights, these plug-ins of Humanity and Love:

1) Forgiveness: It reintroduces light to your relationships.

2) Assistance: When sharing is offered, the light of stability is born.

3) Ease: That mild presence reduces the fire of anger and cools the flame of anxiety.

4) Humility: The sincerest, warmest light within our identity.

5) Encouragement: Belief in another lights the confidence within them.

6) Integrity: A moral and behavioral standard lights the example of personhood.

7) Kindness: The light of the heart is easy to identify.

8) Faith: The firm belief in knowing gives permanence to our flame.

9) Happiness: This light ignites the presence of Love.

10) Gratitude: The brightest light of all.

This is how you find the light within. Do these things with regularity.

You'll know it when you see it. You'll hold it when you feel it. You'll begin to know who you are and see the value of your goodness in the reflection of your light in the light from others.

Flicker, illuminate, brighten, and glow. Take those ten beautiful steps.

And watch that little light of yours shine, shine, shine.


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