HeartNote, January 7, 2019: Aaron and the Secret of a Happy Life

There's a guy who I see named Aaron. He's a teller my bank. Right between Trader Joe's and a Mexican restaurant off Centre City Parkway in Escondido. San Diego County Credit Union. If you're

He's happy. I mean, the guy never has a mood. Never down. Never anything except up. Always a smile on his face, all the time.

So, when I went into the bank, and I saw that I was the only one in line, I pretended I needed something-I told him I wanted to check on my balance-and while he was looking into the computer, I asked him the following two questions:

"Aaron, I have never seen you do anything but smile, grin, and be pleasant. I can come in first thing in the morning or when you're about to close, and you're the same guy. Can you tell me the thoughts that go through your mind everyday to keep yourself in that kind of mood? Secondly, can I talk to your references, like your wife, kids, friends, enemies, people from your childhood to corroborate your statements?"

He laughed even though the last part of the sentence wasn't that funny. Essentially, without going into the details, he told me the following:

"I'm just happy to be here (grateful/gratitude)"

"I love my job, I want to be in service to others, so I do my best in that (focusing on others, not himself.)

"I keep my thoughts on what I'm doing (staying in the moment.)

"I want to make sure that the person who has come into my line is happy when they leave (not thinking of himself/focusing on the needs of another/not taking anything too personally)

"I take things lightly, knowing that God's got this (faith, doesn't take things too seriously.)"

"I've got a great wife, great friends, they keep me going (good support system.)

In short, he's grateful, he doesn't focus on the other person and not on himself, he takes things lightly, he smiles almost constantly, stays in the moment, he's got a sense of faith, and he's cultivated a good support system.

This guy should teach a seminar. He's an example to follow. When you're in town, just stand by the door and watch this guy.

If you want this badly enough, you just have to practice the aforementioned. Your life will change forever. So will the lives of the people that love you now, loved you in the past, and have given up on you. They will see you in a different light.

And if your light is anything even close to Aaron's, you'll want what he has.


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