HeartNote, January 8, 2019: Screwed Resolution Help

So you just ate a Bearclaw only eight days after you decide to lose fifteen pounds by April.

This doesn’t mean you’re an undisciplined doofus.

This does, however, mean two things: First, from now on try to steer clear of anything close to a “resolution” and just make some decisions about changing a few things in your life. “Resolution” sounds really harsh and implies unwavering permanence and conviction.

Secondly, get somebody to help you with the decision to change. Pick one, and find a person you can trust to help you along or, even better, join you on this path.

Generally speaking, the definition of a “somebody” who fits the aforementioned criteria is a thing most of us call “a friend.”

In short, do a diet/exercise program with somebody and, most importantly, let them know that they will do the same with you.

Partnership in dieting is a great way to get started on losing weight. Accountability helps keep us moving in the direction we set out to follow. Ask people how good they have felt in hiring a trainer. And, if you know anybody in Alcoholic’s Anonymous, ask them how valuable their sponsor has been to their new way of life.

Get help. Give help. And your goals will be met. Steer clear from the Bearclaws.

Now here's a picture of somebody in better shape than the both of us doing yoga.


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