HeartNote, January 8, 2020: "Something"

The word "something" is one of the most significant words in the English language. We assign it almost zero importance. But when we begin to define what that "something" really means, you'll see it emerge in significance. Start here:

"There's something about that person." "Something told me to look under the couch." "There was just something in the air." "I had a feeling that something wasn't right." "Something about this house is absolutely perfect."

"Something" is applied to the condition of emotional instinct that is without a defined form. The word offers a definitive and often compelling series of thoughts that results in a decision, attitude, or action. A hunch. A gut feeling. An indescribable sensation that compels us to feel or establish action from an internal, but often unidentifiable, source.

It begins with an unsettledness, a slight discomfort, then moves into a question. "I wonder..." often starts the ball of "something" moving pretty quickly.

We run into these whispers of "something" often. The difficulty is remembering or putting your finger on when or why we felt that way. I urge you to resist the need to make sense of it.

"Something" isn't cause-and-effect. It comes a little more out of the blue than as a result of linear action. It often shows up in context to an unknown.

We need to trust our "somethings" more often. Of course weigh the evidence. Pay attention the the parameters of reality and the form of your circumstances. Then let go.

Sit for a minute. Just listen. Do the best you can to breathe. Stay calm. Let go. And believe. For just sixty seconds, believe that you will feel that "something" and let it come. Sometimes it arrives in an instant. Sometimes it comes when you walk away from the feeling.

But the "something" comes. It really does. You've felt it. You'll feel it again. Trust yourself. Listen, wait, breathe. And invite the "something" to join you. It gives ballast to your decisions, and provides a spiritual and emotional foundation to your life.


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