HeartNote, January 9, 2020: Cranial-Rectal Extraction and Prayer

Updated: Jan 13

Life for you may not be that wonderful today. I know because I swear I can hear all of you thinking about...you. This is what necessitates the Cranial-Rectal Extraction. You develop this condition because your head is so far up...well, that place that you can't see anything except the darkness of your short sighted selfishness.

The difficulty with many of us is that we focus on ourselves and our problems at a ridiculously frequent rate. Me, me, and me and are generally the first three things we think about on any given day, sunrise to sunset. The rest of the topics are occupy ourselves are the things that have gone wrong, could go wrong, and have the potential of ruining your life.

This is insane. Self centeredness and the focusing on what is wrong or broken has to be balanced with shifting our attention on what works, what is good, and what we're grateful for. This isn't news and you're likely getting sick of me writing about it. But many of you keep screwing up your efforts to keep your thoughts calm. And if you're trying to fix it by going for a walk, petting your dog, or watching TV you're not helping. None of the aforementioned make the list.

The one and only one vehicle that addresses chronically selfish sickness is this: Focusing on another. And there is only one consistent mechanism that consistently remediates selfishness and draws out not just our attention but our empathy and connection to another person and their condition: Prayer.

And I've found a way that works pretty well that I'll share with you.

Say a brief prayer, three seconds per person, to change your focus, lift your heart a little, and take your focus off of yourselves. And pray for about twenty people per night. They don't have to be with us. Alive or in another dimension, if they've been a part of your life, they count.

We can't keep focusing on ourselves if we're praying for the welfare of another. Not just changing our focus from us to them, but actually offering words of care and a little hope in their direction. Saying their name is just mouthing the syllables; Prayer gives the words care.

Here's how you do it: You say their name, you ask your Higher Power to bless them, give them peace, and offer them his/her/its highest good. You look at them in your minds eye. Then you do it again.

I used to have a list of people I'd pray for every night. The first was my ex-wife, the next were my five children, and so on. I lost that list, but I need to perform the Cranial-Rectal Extraction today, so I'm going to begin again with the list.

And pray for their highest good. You have no idea what your HP has in mind for somebody else, particularly if it involves you. My wife and I are separated, but I pray that she achieves her highest good.

highest good would be for her to take me back before I finish this essay. But her highest good...it might be for me to take the long walk away.

Doesn't matter. In her case, it's three seconds of what God has in mind for her.Then I move on to my family, my friends, and you. Your highest good. Your best self. Three seconds. There isn't a better way to take you our of yourself and focus on the life outside of that tiny place between your ears.

I start when I get home. I do it while I'm in bed. I'll keep you all in mind. And, in time, I'll write down the names of those I love, those I know, those I can't stand, those I need to forgive and, in particular, all of you.

You're in my prayers tonight. Every one of you.

And if you hear a big "pop" from North San Diego County, you'll know tonight's Cranial-Rectal extraction was a complete success.


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