HeartNote, July 13, 2019: Blather and Light

I promise I'll finish the James Doty thing on Monday. In essence, it's the same kind of focus that Grout, Lonnsburry, et al have been offering. It's just more of the commitment toward feeling the knowing, taking the steps with the absolute certainty that you'll move toward what you're feeling. I read and practice Boni Lonnsburry and Pam Grout's stuff, but the story behind Doty's unfolding just resonated with me, which is why I will finish this up on Monday.

However, I need to include a small caveat. It's included in the title. The "B" word.

A lot of this feels like bluster. B.S. The "oh, not this again" lightweight crapola.

I get it. You read this stuff telling you're to try and feel your way out of late rent, a lousy boss, out of car repair, daycare bills, unemployment and credit card debt.

People feel and absolutely believe their way toward their goal in spite of these emotional and financial boat anchors around their ankle. I've read stories about it, I've seen it in person with my own eyes, and I-yes, the author of these delightful missives-am beginning to see MY OWN RESULTS. I am not far from your situations, either. I, too, have the gun of change pressed against my temple, hammer cocked.

Facing no other options, we now have no choice but to believe it, to keep at this belief process, and follow through with the consistent, daily effort of placing the image and feeling of that belief in our hearts every single day. Kinda "do or die" but in our case it's "Do. Period."

Fortunately, this is where the light begins to peek in through the cracks, turning out feelings of fear into feelings of confidence, ease and love. And this is when we see results.

Stress and panic lock you into your routine. And it's normal to feel both. Just don't stay there long. Meditation, breathing, and a momentary focus on anything from your feet to the clouds loosens their grip. You can slide into the easy side of your heart. This is where faith lives, belief takes hold, and feelings begin to strengthen.

That last paragraph was short for a reason. I don't want to get too far into the "Now, let's breathe. OK, take a moment to" blah blah and blah. Smooth, easy transition from crazy to calm takes a couple of moments, but it takes each moment to stay calm, at least for a while.

Then feel the calm. And look to your dreams. And feel the calm again. Now believe what you see and feel.

Folks, that right there is what it's all about.

And if I'm seeing changes now, any-freaking-body can make this happen. Ask anyone who knows me.

Talk to you Monday. This is a picture of my granddaughter Olivia holding a bucket. She's here for another two weeks...talk about a dream come true!!!

P.S.S. If you want to comment on any of these blogs, our email is on the fritz. But my personal email works fine: ed.mcshane@gmail.com


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