HeartNote, July 15, 2019: Doty, Part 3

Sorry for all the interruptions. Take the first two and put this one right underneath it. Number four will be here tomorrow.

-Relax your body completely (Ruth’s Trick #1).

-Once relaxed, focus on your breathing and try to empty your mind completely of all thoughts.When thoughts arise, guide your attention back to your breath.Continue to breathe in and out, completely emptying your mind.

-Now think of the person in your life who has given you unconditional love, or conversely, who in your life have you given unconditional love.

-Sit with that feeling of warmth and contentment that unconditional love brings, while you slowly breathe in and out. Feel the power of unconditional love and how you feel accepted and cared for even with all your flaws and imperfections. 

-Think of someone you care for and with intent, extend unconditional love to them. Understand that the gift you are giving her is the same gift that someone gave to you and will make others feel cared for and protected. As you are giving that same unconditional love to one you care for, think again how you feel when you have been given unconditional love and acceptance. 

-Again reflect on how it feels to be cared for, protected, and loved regardless of your flaws and imperfections and think of a person to whom you know but have neutral feelings. Now with intention extend the same unconditional love to them. As you are embracing them with   love, wish them a prosperous life with limited suffering. Hold them in your mind and see their future. See their happiness. Let yourself be bathed in that warm feeling.

-Now think of someone whom you have had a difficult relationship or have negative feelings. Understand that oftentimes one’s actions are a manifestation of one's pain. See them as yourself, a flawed, imperfect being who at times struggles and makes mistakes.

-Think of the person in your own life who gave you unconditional love. Reflect on how that love and acceptance impacted you. With intention give that same  feeling of unconditional love to that person who is difficult or whom you have negative feelings.

-See everyone you meet as a flawed imperfect being just like you who have made mistakes, taken wrong turns, and at times have hurt others. Yet, who are struggling and deserve love. With intention give them unconditional love. In your mind bathe them with love, warmth and acceptance. It does not matter their response. 


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