HeartNote, July 17, 2019: Taking the Gratitude Roll

As many of you know, I wear a bracelet on my wrist that says, "Exhale Gratitude."

For me, I get flushed with this feeling right after I wake up. Well, maybe a minute or two. I have to shake off the "what if's" when I awaken. Old habits die hard. But shortly after, as I'm ambling toward the bathroom, I take the gratitude roll.

I stand there (forgive the visual, but just go with me for a second. And I don't mean "go" as in...nevermind.) and, since I"m busy, I start taking the roll, the qualities of my life that are present and accounted for. I speak them deliberately, about four on every deep inhale, four on every long exhale.

"(Inhale)Mykids,myhealth,mysenses,myfaith. (Exhale)"Love,wonder,friendships,joy."

It goes on from there, generally until I don't have to stand anymore. So, this takes sixty seconds, give or take. A deep inhale and exhale take about five seconds each. Times four points of gratitude, that's forty eight things to be thankful for every morning.

Here's how you can do this, whether you're in the bathroom or your car. Just start shouting them out. You'll be amazed how much stuff you're grateful for. And do it through deep breaths. Inhale, then "My car, that teacher in fifth grade whose name I can't remember, my first kiss, that I even had a first kiss." Exhale, then, "My boss is out today, I can pay my utilities, I smell good, and I can smell things."

These aren't mundane, simplistic or plain. They are deserving of every scintilla of gratitude you can muster. Remove one of those and see how your day would change.

Start this tomorrow morning, please.

Love you all.


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